12/24/2008  Thank you for your awesome insight. I will keep you updated on the Jay situation.  
12/18/2008  Thank you Jackie! So glad I called you. Namaste and Merry Christmas.  
12/8/2008  she was very good and gave me some great insight, thank you  
12/7/2008  TY  
11/29/2008  Thank you.  
11/16/2008  Good call.  
11/19/2008  Jackie is wonderful! If you haven't spoken to her in a while you should asap.  
11/16/2008  Thanks Swami, very much appreciated for the reading!  
11/15/2008  We'll see what happens, thanks  
11/15/2008   ******
11/15/2008   ******
11/15/2008  Thank you Jackie - This was a first call to this lady and I have to say felt Very connected to her
very quickly (it happens like that sometimes!!) ok so I am on the waiting game again!! but I am sure learning
that awful 'P' word through all of this - will let you know about the job too!! :) Will NOT be my last call to his
lady... Great Read - Great Price....  
11/15/2008  Thank you Jackie :) I'm looking forward to your timeframe to happen...it always does!  
11/15/2008  ty jackie still on track  
11/7/2008  Thanks!  
11/5/2008  Honest and insightful!  
11/3/2008   *****
10/27/2008  Excellent reader-very insightful,accurate, honest too.  
10/27/2008   *****
10/26/2008  Great help, will follow up with her in 2 weeks. Thanks!  
10/19/2008  Thank you Jackie for always listening and I'm hoping your timeframe for contact comes to
fruition. Thanks!  
10/20/2008  Thank you! I hope you're right.  
10/17/2008  Thank you for the advice Jackie!   
10/13/2008  ******  
10/10/2008  Thank you Jackie for ALWAYS listening to me. I'm hoping this situation turns around soon.  
10/10/2008  ******  
10/9/2008  Thank you! Great as always. Need to give her a try. You'll be glad you did!  
10/9/2008  I enjoyed talking with this advisor. She was quick, to the point and I think told me the truth. I trust
the reading I received.  
10/8/2008  Thank You!  
10/8/2008  Thank You! You picked up my relationship exactly. I hope he can mature. I'll let you know.  
10/8/2008  thank you for a great reading, you picked out alot of points about him, look forward to
10/7/2008  she is great, always nice talking to you   
10/7/2008  she is great, always nice talking to you   
10/2/2008  thanks for the update always friendly and and honest..great advice ..great energy feel good
...will look for the end of oct...ty  
10/1/2008  Thank you Jackie! We got cut off but I'll be calling back. You're usually right on with your
predictions so Im sure this one will be too!  
9/29/2008  Thxs 4 ur advice!! Will call back to let u know what happens.  
9/23/2008  ty my lady love the insight and advice..give her a call she is right on  
9/23/2008  Thank you!  
9/16/2008  Thank you very much for my reading! You speak in such a calm manner that you make me feel
relaxed during my call. I be sure to back in touch with you.  
9/15/2008  *****  
9/15/2008  ty for the insight and advice..ty  
9/13/2008  Thanks!
9/12/2008   She told it like it is, no sugar coating and I thank you for that!
9/13/2008  I thought she was very good easily picked up on my situation without me saying anything.
9/13/2008   ******
9/10/2008  She provided me with specific information and events that I never even mentioned,
9/13/2008   *****
9/12/2008  I love the fact that you can give time frames!
9/11/2008   Right to the point, a great reading!
9/12/2008   *****
9/8/2008  your the best  
9/10/2008  ******  
9/10/2008  Thank you. Very patient and kind. I'm looking forward tot his last quarter.  
9/6/2008  Simply an incredible and a truly awesome person to connect with. Thank you so much for your
advice and confirmation. You will be hearing from me soon. :0)  
9/5/2008  Thank you very much! Kind, sincere, to the point and I would highly recommend jackie.   
8/29/2008  *****
8/30/08   ******
8/30/08  Thank you, right to the point, I would highly recommend.
8/28/08  Jackie has always been right with me, if you haven't spoken to her, YOU SHOULD!  Thanks Jackie
8/27/08   ******
8/25/08  Great reading, thank you!
8/25/08   ******
8/24/08  THANK YOU!
8/22/08  ******
8/21/08  ******
8/20/08  ******
8/20/08  One day, I will realize you are right, and I should listen lol GREAT READING!
8/20/08   *****
8/19/08  I just love you!  You are the best!
8/18/08   ******
8/18/08  A great one to speak to very positive and full of details.
8/17/08  thank you you are the best, i am glad i called.
8/16/08  down to earth and so nice, I enjoyed my call, I will call again, Thanks Jackie
8/16/08  Really good, picked up very quickly on my situation and went from there.
8/15/08  ******
8/14/08  Wow I just found my new favorite psychic!
814/08  Nice reading, Thanks!
8/14/08  Quick and to the point
8/12/08   ******
8/12/08  Very accurate friendly and caring I defintly will call again.
8/10/08  you are my calm before the storm, GOD BLESS!
8/10/08  ******
8/9/08  great to speak to you, accurate & quick
8/8/08   ******
8/8/08  Great reading I will let you know how things develop.
8/6/08   ******
8/4/08  Thank you so much Jackie!
8/3/08  Thank you so much, even in the middle of the night you were very comforting with great insight.
8/2/2008   ******
8/2/2008  Positive upbeat and to the point.  Many details provided.
8/1/2008   ******
7/31/2008  *****
7/30/2008  I am AMAZED!  One of the best readings I have ever had by far.
7/29/2008  Funny, Friendly and just plain "gifted", give her a call.
7/28/2008   ******
7/27/2008  Completely awesome and to the point!  Confirmed many details.
7/27/08   ******
7/26/08   ******
7/26/08  You were a referral from a friend.  She was right, warm, compassionate and above all honest.
7/25/08   ******
7/25/08  You are incredibly informed, knowledgeable and great details, your worth way more than you
7/24/08  Very informed and knowledgable about my situation, thatnk you.
7/24/08  Very informative with great details EXCELLENT.
7/24/08  Great read, first time caller, I would definitly recommend her.
7/24/2008   ******
7/23/2008  Jackie has been reading for me for over two years and always on target.
7/22/2008  Ms Swami - Another great reading KUDOS!
7/212008  My second call to Jackie, your first reading came to pass, just as you said.
7/21/2008   ******
7/19/2008  It is always great speaking to you!  I have been away too long!
7/19//2008  Great reading!  She even saw a confrontation I had with someone and how they reacted!
7/17/2008  *****
7/162008   ******
7/15/2008  I enjoyed the reading, she could validate a lot without me saying a word!
7/14//2008  GREAT READING!
7/14/2008   ******
7/14/2008  I really felt that we connected, I will call you again.
7/13/2008  *****
7/12//2008  Thank you so much for helping me sort things out, I feel much better after speaking with you.
7/11/2008  You were right, I got the job! YEAH YEAH YEAH!
7/9/2008   *****
7/9/2008  I cannot express how much I appreciate your honesty.  Thank You.
7/7/2008  Thanx!
7/7/2008  *****
7/6/08  Jackie a million stars to you!
7/4/08   ******
7/2/2008  What can I say?  You were right AGAIN!
7/2/2008   ******
6/30/2008  Your the only one that said it would sell in June, YOU WERE RIGHT!
6/30/2008   AWESOME
6/29/2008  I would be lost without your direction - Gl
6/28/2008  Wonderful as always!  Until next time!
6/26/2008   *****
6/25/2008  Very good insight without any info from me!
6/25/2008  You verified a lot that I didn't even ask about, WOW
6/23/2008  ******
6/23/2008  ******
6/22/2008  Jackie, always a pleasure.
6/20/2008   ******
6/19/2008  GREAT!  She has been right on target with all of her readings for me!
6/192008  Everything came to pass, EXACTLY the way you had said, great reading.
6/16/2008  Thank you for your honesty, God Bless
6/14/2008   *****
6/14/2008  Good Read!
6/12/2008  CHERIO MY DEAR!
6/11/2008  You really put me at ease, I thank you for that!
6/9/2008   *****
6/7/2008  My first live reading, what can I say I am speechless!  I hope to meet with you again!
6/7/2008   ******
6/5//2008  After speaking with many psychics, I have found you to be truely gifted!
6/4//2008  *****
6/2/2008  Great as always Jacki
5/31/2008   *****
5/31/2008  I really enjoyed it!
5/30/2008  I do NOT regret making this call.  I will be back!
5/29/2008   *****
5/27/2008  A wonderful and caring person!
5/25/2008  Jackie, what would I do without you!  You are my angel!
5/24/2008  Great as always!
5/23/2008   *****
5/23/2008  You were referred to me, I cannot believe how fast you picked up on everything in my life!
5/21/2008  You said he would call the next day, and guess what HE DID!
5/19/2008  Thank you for your honesty, I really needed to hear what you had to say!
5/19/2008  ******
5/18/2008  I am dumbfounded!  I don't know how you do it!
5/16/2008   ******
5/15/2008  I really enjoyed my reading and will return.
5/14/2008   ******
5/12/2008  You answered all of my questions and then some!
5/11/2008  ******
5/11/2008  ******
5/10/2008  Thank you for giving me hope.
5/9/2008  I am sure you have touched the lives of many, you certainly touched mine.
5/8/2008  Impressive, a true gift!
5/8/2008  It was wonderful to meet you today!  I will be calling!
5/8/2008  My first reading what can I say?  You blew me away!
5/7/2008  I am glad I called!, you were referred to me by a friend.  She was right you are very accurate!
5/6/2008   ******
5/6/2008  Great insight!  Thank you for being there for me!
5/6/2008  *****
5/5/2008  Thank you so much!
5/4/2008  A-1
5/4/2008  Straight to the point, quick and accurate, will be in touch!
5/3/2008   ******
5/1/2008  REALLY helped me with my situation!
5/1/2008   ******
4/30/2008  I do NOT regret making this call.  I will be back!
4/30/2008   ******
4/30/2008  You should try her, she is very, very, good!
4/30/2008   ******
4/30/2008  Quick and percise, I will call again!
4/29/2008  *****
4/29/2008  I am glad I called!
4/28/2008   *****
4/28/2008  FAST & ACCURATE!  
4/27/2008   *****
4/26/2008  RIGHT AS ALWAYS!  
4/24/2008   ******
4/23/2008   ******
4/21/2008  Confirmed a whole lot!  Picked up on things in my household too.
4/20/2008   *****
4/19/2008   *****
4/18/2008   *****
4/17/2008  I sooo appreciate finally making the choice to call you!  
4/14/2008  *****
4/13/2008  *****
4/12/2008  *****
4/12/2008  *****
4/11/2008  Jackie was great!  She picked up on my situation without my saying a thing!  
4/10/2008  I truely enjoyed the reading.  Thank you so much for everything!  
4/9/2008  SO accurate!  I was blown out of the water, I will contact her again.  
4/9/2008  What an amazing experience!  Jackie was dead on with information concerning my life and
family.  I recommend anyone with questions or concerns to contact her!
4/9/2008  Jackie was amazing!  I was impressed with the accuracy in which she touched on parts of my  
llife and loved ones.
4/8//2008  *****
4/8/2008   *****
4/7/2008   ******
4/7/2008   ******
4/6/2008   ******
4/5/2008  LOVED THE READING!  Will be in touch soon!  
4/5/2008   ******
4/5/2008   ******
4/4/2008  She knew things about my partner without me telling her, will call again.
4/42008   ******
4/3/2008   ******
4/3/2008  Really enjoyed my reading.  You gave me a lot to think about.  
4/2/2008  EXCELLENT!  I will call again!
4/2/2008  Good read comfirmed a lot of what I had been feeling.   
4/1/2008  #1  
3/31/2008  Right on target! ty  
3/30/2008  5 stars thank you for the honesty.  
3/29/2008  Excellent again!! Thank you!!  
2/10/2008  I've called her in he past, she is good! I just received an email reading from her..she was so
accurate, and dscribed the two men I talked about to a T. I will definatley be requesting another reading in
the future from her, thank you jackie!!! xoxo  
3/28/2008  Jackie is Awesome how she picks up on the situation so quickly. I will try not to panic and just let
things flow. I can't thank you enough.  
3/25/2008  Wonderful details! Can pick up quickly!! ty  
3/22/2008  Excellent!!On top of things!! Thanks
3/22/2008  *****
3/20/2008  Jackie!!! Truly one of the best!  
3/15/2008  Excellent!! Accurate! Call her!! TY  
3/14/2008    ******  
3/13/2008    ******
3/12/2008    ******
3/9/2008  thanks a lot, usha  
3/1/2008  Ok see what happens. Ms Swami34 has given me reliable info always  
2/28/2008   *****
2/28/2008   *****
2/28/2008  U still get my 5*****'s still on top of all this mess for me advice still coming in i love it guys i'm
telling U give her a call   
2/28/2008  If you really want to know what is going on, you need to call Jackie. She is truly gifted.  
2/28/08  Jackie is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  
2/27/08  Always keeps me on track. thanks  
2/26/08  Jackie is a very gifted reader. Thanks for always being there.  
2/25/2008  Jackie always know what is going on. She has never been wrong yet. Thanks a lot.  
2/15/2008  Thank you Jackie for all your reassurance!! It was sooo Great to speak to you!! Your the Best!  
2/17/2008  ty  
2/15/2008  sorry low on funds will call back  
2/19/2008  *****  
2/17/2008  *****
2/17/2008  excellent will call again  
2/15/2008  very good  
2/16/2008  Jackie.. Thank you for the wonderful reading & I really appeciate all the love and support. You're
a wonderful person keep up the great work and many blessings to you always  
2/16/2008  First time caller. Picked up easily on my situation.  
2/15/2008  She is awesome. Ms Swami picked up on my situation in the snap of a finger. This lady is one of
the best. If u wanna get answers, instead of someone trying to sell you an aura cleansing, give her a call.   
2/15/2008  i am so glad i made this call she told me about the legal going on with my friend & that i will no
some of whats going on by month end or before & will see him by end of month i will keep her posted she is
in my fav.  
2/15/2008  excellent  
2/15/2008  Jackie always tunes right into the situation. Thanks so much  
2/11/2008  ******   
2/8/2008   AMAZING READER!!   
2/5/2008   Thank you for going the mile with me and the great advise. It seems when one is in love they
question themselves and need someone with clear vision to steer them the right way. I am certain it will work
and all will come together eventualy.   
2/6/2008   Thank you Ms Swami for your help, end of febaury sounds correct. Ms Swami is always correct
with every detail and always polite and willing to help.  
2/2/2008  ******   
2/3/2008  ******
2/2/2008   Thank you!!!  
1/29/2008  great  
1/27/2008   *****
1/26/2008  The BEST!  
1/24/2008  Thank you an excellant email reading.I will call sometime.  
1/23/2008   *****
1/17/2008  thank you very much, usha  
1/15/2008  *****  
1/13/2008  *****  
1/12/2008  *****  
1/11/2008 *****   
1/11/2008  thanks a lot.usha  
1/10/2008  *****   
1/10/2008  How cool!! prediction 1 came true. She advised me on a certain situation that I thought may be a
little risky, and that if I did it, I would get a positive response. I was just starting to think that I had made a big
mistake, and questioning the advise. But low and behold I got a great response from the individual just like
Jackie told me and I am thrilled. Thank you!!  
1/9/2008   *****
1/6/2008   *****
1/6/2008  thank you very much, Usha  
1/5/2008   *****
1/4/2008  *****  
1/4/2008  Thanks Jackie! You are amazing .. I so much appreciate your insight into all of the events in my
life and look forward to the upcoming month. You are truly gifted and I enjoy our conversations. You are not
only a wonderful advisor but also a sweet friend. Thankd for all that you do!  
1/3/2008  Thanks for the advise. Will let you know what happens.  
1/2/2008  I am impressed, and I dont impress easy. She picked up my situation and desribed the person I
was calling about to a tee before I gave her any details. I feel very comfortable with her predictions. I feel if
anyone will be correct she will be. THANKS!  
12/28/2007  Jackie is AWESOME!!! If you want a honest reading give her a call ~ you won't be
1/2/2008  Jackie - You always know what is going on. How do you do it? Thank you so much for your
guidance and support.  
1/2/2008  thanks a lot. wish you a very happy new year. usha  
1/1/2008   *****
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