12/31/2010  Wishing you and your family the best, Happy New Year and thank you!
12/30/2010  AMAZINGLY ACCURATE!  This is my third reading and will continue to come back!  THANKS!
12/29/2010  Happy New Year!  Thank you, I will speak to you soon!
12/27/2010  Always there when I need you!  Thank you for the honesty!
12/26/2010  Thank you!
12/24/2010  Thank You and Merry Christmas!
12/24/2010  GREAT!
12/24/2010  Glad I caught you!  Happy Holidays to you and your family.   THANK YOU JACKIE FOR EVERYTHING!
12/23/2010  I have been doing the weekly forecast for 3 months....SPOT ON my dear!
12/23/2010  Quick, accurate and to the point, what more could you ask for in a psychic.
12/23/2010  She is upbeat and fun, and very honest.  I enjoy her readings and am glad I found her.
12/21/2010  Thank you for everything, I am more than pleased with my reading.
12/21/2010  Thank you for the chat reading on such short notice, you are a gem!
12/20/2010  Love her!
12/19/2010  Happy Holidays Jackie!  Thank you for always being there and thanks for being you.
12/19/2010  I always enjoy my readings with Jackie.  She is very sincere in what she sees, I will continue to come back!
12/19/2010  Always the best.
12/18/2010  Wonderful as always!
12/16/2010  She is the real deal.  Picks up on things that I never even mention to her.
12/16/2010  Thank you for all of your help.   Your readings have been most accurate in my situation.
12/15/2010  Thank you.
12/14/2010  A real delight!
12/14/2010  LOVE HER!
12/14/2010  Happy Belated Birthday!  What can I say, you were right again!
12/13/2010  THE BEST!
12/13/2010  Thanks Jackie.
12/11/2010  I cannot believe what you picked up on around me with no information from me.  I will definitely return for
another                           reading!
12/10/2010  A million stars to you my friend!  For those that haven't called her yet, do so NOW!
12/10/2010  I am glad to have found Jackie, this is my second reading with her, the first was super as well!
12/8/2010    Love her!
12/8/2010    Will be calling again, she is  a true delight!
12/8/2010    Always amazed by her readings, what she has told me has come to pass! From my love life to my job! THANKS!
12/7/2010   Blessings.
12/52010    Always a pleasure!
12/5/2010   Very quick and I provided no information.  I believe she is right because she hit home on several areas of my
life                            right now.
12/4/2010  Spot on as always!  AND Happy Birthday to you as well!
12/3/2010   A million thanks for today's reading!
12/1/2010  Thanks Jackie, looking forward to your predictions as always.
12/1/2010   My first reading with Jackie was in August of this year...I returned because many things have come to pass!   
THANK                    YOU!
11/30/2010  Great!
11/30/2010  LOVED meeting you in person!  Already looking forward to my next reading.
11/28/2010  Great as always!
11/27/2010  Always a pleasure and very uplifting.  Thank you for the much needed guidance in my time of need.
11/26/2010  A+ my friend!  Thank you for the insights!
11/26/2010  I have had several readings with Jackie over the years.  She is truly gifted!  Happy Holidays Jackie!
11/26/2010  Insightful and fun.
11/24/2010  My first reading with her and I already know I will be back.   She picked up on many things I never mentioned.
11/24/2010  HA!  I just love my readings with you...straight to the point, and what I need to know.
11/23/2010  If you have never called, then I recommend doing so.  This was my 4th reading with her and her accuracy
is                                   uncanny!
11/23/2010  It was GREAT to meet you in person!  Loved my reading and I will be calling you soon!
11/22/2010  HAPPY THANKSGIVING JACKIE!  Loved my reading!
11/21/2010  Jackie has been my psychic now for YEARS!  Not sure "how" she does it, but she has never been wrong.
11/21/2010  A definite straight - shooter, thank you for that!
11/20/2010  Really glad to have found your site!  Thank you for the reading and I will be back.
11/19/2010  So if you haven't tried the chat reading you should!  I am out the country and she has been SPOT ON with me in
all                       my readings.
11/18/2010  I really enjoy my readings with Jackie.  You get a great amount of detail in a very short time. Thank you!
11/18/2010  Very nice, tuned right in, thanks.
11/18/2010  Jackie, thank you for taking my call, I feel much better now.
11/16/2010  WOW...
11/16/2010  I have had several readings with her over the last few months and she is ALWAYS right!
11/15/2010  More than a psychic, she is my life coach too!
11/14/2010  Have a happy holiday Jackie.
11/14/2010  Quick and to the point.  A must call if you haven't!
11/14/2010  She was recommended by my sister and I can see why.  Amazed on what she picked up!
11/13/2010  You are definitely my favorite and thank you for taking the reading on short notice!
11/13/2010  A real breath of fresh air!  She will tell you EXACTLY how she sees things, and so far hasn't been wrong!
11/12/2010  I did get that job! Thanks Jackie!
11/12/2010  LOVED my reading!  This is my 3rd reading with her, and everything has come to pass.
11/10/2010  Honest and fast, I couldn't ask for anything more in a psychic.
11/8/2010    My favorite!
11/7/2010    Thank you for the email reading!  You were so right on with my current situation and look forward to
your                                       predictions!
11/6/2010    A reading with that "wow factor", Jackie that was awesome!
11/4/2010    Thank you sooo much Jackie.  Your the best!
11/4/2010   Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, blessings.
11/3/2010   A real pleasure!
11/2/2010   Thank you for the reading on such short notice, you have really helped me a lot.
11/2/2010   If you have never called, then you should, I believe you will be amazed as well!
11/1/2010   Enigtening experience!
10/31/2010  I have returned more than once because as of this date, she has not been wrong yet!  I am certain I will be back.
10/30/2010  Incredibly gifted and works with little to no information from you.
10/28/2010  What you picked up on my last reading....DID materialize...thank you sooo much!
10/28/2010  I have tried many psychics and I must say she is a breath of fresh air.  Give her a call you will not be disappointed.
10/26/2010  Blessings!
10/25/2010  Thank you for the reading and all of your insights, you were right on several things, thanks again.
10/24/2010   Loved your recent article and thank you for the reading!
10/24/2010  Jackie has become my monthly treat for myself, several readings with her and she is always RIGHT!
10/24/2010  If you have never called, then you should, she is a straight shooter!  Thanks!
10/22/2010  GREAT!
10/21/2010  A million stars to you my dear, thank you for setting me straight, I do feel as though I have clarity on my
situation                            now.
10/21/2010  Quick, friendly and accurate, thank you!
10/20/2010  A must call for those that haven't.
10/18/2010  Jackie is great! And really tells it like it is! This was my first reading with her and she was on the money! I will be
back                     again soon! Thank you!
10/18/2010  Loved my reading! THANKS
10/17/2010  Wow, you really picked up on a lot I never mentioned, I enjoyed it and will be back!
10/17/2010  Several readings with her and she tunes right into my situation.
10/17/2010  Thanks Jackie, your the best!
10/17/2010  Love the chat feature, I will do this again.
10/17/2010  LOVE HER!  She will tell you exactly what she sees.
10/16/2010  Always a pleasure.
10/15/2010  It was great meeting you!  I will be back for another reading!
10/15/2010  You rock!  Hope you know that!
10/14/2010  Loved my reading.
10/13/2010  It has taken a long time to find a "real" psychic, what you saw more than impressed me without me saying a thing.
10/11/2010  TERRIFIC!
10/11/2010   Super!
10/9/2010    A lot of good things coming my way, thanks!
10/9/2010    I'm so glad I caught you, thanks for everything.  I will be calling again.
10/9/2010    LOVE my readings with Jackie!
10/8/2010    I thought you were dead wrong last time, but I should have known...you were right!
10/7/2010    Jackie thank you for your insights and a super fantastic reading!
10/7/2010    Jackie has told me that no psychic is 100% accurate, however, SHE HAS BEEN WITH ME!  Thank you - Kara
10/7/2010    Love her!
10/6/2010    I called today because several of her predictions have come to pass.  I will return again I am sure!
10/6/2010    She is thoughtful, friendly, and compassionate and dead on with my situation.
10/6/2010    thanks hon!
10/4/2010    It has taken years for me to "connect" with a psychic, the way Jackie connects with me.  Give her a try, you won't
be                      disappointed.
10/4/2010    Sometimes, I don' t know what I would do without your guidance of what is to come, lol.  Thanks Jackie!
10/4/2010    ALWAYS WONDERFUL!
10/3/2010   I actually got a job she saw for me in a prior reading that I had no knowledge about!
10/2/2010   Glad I called, you were referred by my sister!
10/2/2010   Jackie reads for me all the time, if you haven't subscribed to her text message service, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!
10/1/2010   Thanks!
9/30/2010   Would recommend to anyone!
9/29/2010   Blessings
9/29/2010   I would like to thank you for the reading today, I really enjoyed it.
9/28/2010   I have had two readings with you before and your right on the money, thank you for being you.
9/27/2010   Thanks for taking my call and for your insights.
9/26/2010    I got an email reading from you last week, and so far several things have happened!
9/25/2010   SPOT ON!
9/25/2010   Very nice, doesn't waste time.
9/25/2010   Friendly, upbeat and professional!  I enjoyed my reading!
9/24/2010   More than a psychic, she is my life coach!
9/24/2010   She has NEVER sugar coated anything about my situation and has been very accurate!
9/23/2010   I am literally stunned as to what she told me with no information from me....I am glad I found her!
9/23/2010  Jackie, thank you so much for your insights, you have given me the guidance that I needed!
9/22/2010   Another great reading today, thanks!
9/21/2010  Jackie thank you for all of your insights.  My last reading was point on target and I am sure this one will be as
well.                         Take Care!
9/21/2010  Just in what you picked up currently around me, I can tell that you are accurate.  I REALLY enjoyed my reading
with                        you!
9/21/2010  I loved my reading with her, and also get quick replies to my emails.  I will continue to call!  Thank you!
9/20/2010  Thank you Jackie, until next time~
9/19/2010   Keep up the good work!
9/19/2010  Your are truly a breathe of fresh air!  Thank you!
9/18/2010  Jackie  was great! I felt very comfortable talking to her and she was right on point. Thank you.   
9/18/2010  very on point friendly and easy to talk to. will call again  
9/18/2010  Thank you for your honesty!
9/17/2010   Fast, and accurate, what more could you ask for in a psychic?  Have a great weekend Jackie!
9/17/2010  This was my third reading with Jackie.  She is friendly, professional and will tell you how it is!  Thanks so much
for                           being you!
9/16/2010   Once again you were right on target, looking forward to the new predictions.
9/15/2010   An amazing amount of details....I will call again.
9/15/2010   I am utterly shocked on what she picked up with no information from me.  I will return to her for another reading
no                         doubt   .
9/14/2010   A million stars to you my dear!
9/12/2010   I have had several readings with this young lady and she is a gem!
9/12/2010  A week ago, in my reading you said I was pregnant....my first doctors appointment is this Thursday!  THANK
YOU                          JACKIE!
9/11/2010  You are SUPER FANTASTIC in my book!  I have had several readings with you and all 100% accurate!  Enjoy your
weekend!    Amazing.
9/10/2010   WOW my first reading with her and WOW.  What she picked up without me saying anything....WOW
9/102010   The guidance that you have given me and my family has been amazing.  Bless you Jackie.
9/10/2010  Once again....when I thought you may be wrong....you were 100% correct!  I don't know what I would do without you!
9/9/2010    Glad I finally called and I will be back!
9/9/2010   Tapped right in really quick, new it was a business trip before I said a word!
9/8/2010    I love the fact that your availability works with my schedule!  Call her, you won't be disappointed!
9/8/2010   Hope you are in my area sometime!
9/8/2010   You were referred to me by a friend as a "true psychic"....Glad I found you!  Have a great week!
9/7/2010   A quick reply to my email reading with an amazing amount  of detail!
9/5/2010   First time caller and I WILL call again.  Friendly and accurate on a lot of what she said.
9/5/2010   A great rate and a great reading!  You are truly gifted, and I liked what you picked up with no info from me.
9/3/2010   She is really good with missing items!  I don't know how to thank you!
9/3/2010   I really wish I had spoke with you first!  Glad I found you Jackie, it was a pleasure!
9/3/2010   Blessings!
9/2/2010   A+ in my book!
9/2/2010  Came in feeling really confused... and left with clarity with a lil hope sprinkled on top.... thank you.... :)
9/1/2010   Exactly to the point - she's great!!
9/1/2010   She is personable, funny, direct and to the point!  I will continue to call!
9/1/2010   A breath of fresh air!
9/1/2010   Jackie has been reading for me for years, if she tells you something TRUST IT!
8/31/2010   Do I need to tell you how great you are? You are the BEST no doubt!
8/30/2010  AMAZED at what you picked up on without me asking!  Thank you Jackie for your honesty!
8/29/2010   She will tell you the way it is...good or bad.  She has NEVER been wrong with me!
8/29/2010  Sooooo glad I found you!  Your reading was SUPER!
8/28/2010  You are the first psychic that has given me that WOW factor!  You touched base on things I never even asked!
8/27/2010   Love the way you read, no holds bar and no questions asked!
8/27/2010   Call her, you won't regret it, I didn't!
8/26/2010   Taps into things very quickly and funny too.
8/25/2010  When you told me I was moving I thought you were wrong....HOWEVER I love my new home!  Thank you Jackie!
8/25/2010  There is a reason you are my psychic!  FANTASTIC!
8/24/2010  Thank you so much....you have a TRUE GIFT!  If you haven't had a reading with her you are missing out!
8/24/2010  Jackie you really are my voice of reason!
8/24/2010   Until next time....THANKS
8/24/2010  Thank you, I would have never imagined that you could pick up that much from me on a chat reading!
8/23/2010  Sure wish I was closer to Virginia....you are awesome!
8/23/2010   EXCELLENT!
8/23/2010   A truly gifted lady.
8/22/2010  First time caller, I can say that I am more than pleased and will be calling again!
8/22/2010  Thanks Jackie!
8/21/2010  Many thanks for your gifted insights.  I am impressed on what you picked up with no information from me.
8/21/2010  My reading was last week, and had to let you know two things have come to pass already!
8/20/2010  Jackie has been reading for me with great accuracy for several years now, I don't know what I would do without her.
8/19/2010   THANKS!
8/18/2010  FIRST TIME CALLER....all I can say is WOW and I will be back.  Thank you for taking the call Jackie!
8/18/2010  Hats off to you my dear!
8/16/2010  My favorite psychic, thanks dear.
8/13/2010  It has taken awhile for me to find a real psychic and I'm glad I found you, your details were great without me saying
a                     word!
8/12/2010  A uplifting reading today with great insights.
8/12/2010  If you have never had a reading with Jackie, the best I can tell you is your missing out!
8/112010   Always there when I need her!
8/11/2010  You have really made my day, thank you for your honesty.
8/11/2010  A million stars to you Jackie!!!!!!!!!!!!
8/10/2010  Blessings!
8/9/2010  Thank you for the good news.. I was nice talking to you after all this time.. although short. I will talk to you soon.
A                          TRUSTED ADVISER!  
8/9/2010  Thanks  
8/8/2010  You rock!
8/7/2010  Excellent, pickup the situation fast. Thanks  
8/5/2010  thanks Jackie, I'll definitely call u again!  
8/4/2010  I have talked to her previously and liked her. Everything she said in my first reading has come to pass.
8/4/2010  Thanks  
8/2/2010  Thank you for the detailed reading. I look forward to your predictions.  
8/2/2010  Thanks so much. It's always a pleasure speaking with you. Best wishes always!!  
8/1/2010  Love to you and your family!
8/1/2010  THE BEST!   
8/1/2010  A real pleasure.
8/1/2010   I am glad I found you, thank you for giving me clarity on the things I could not understand!
7/31/2010  My Fav!  
7/31/2010  My 5th reading with Jackie....and I WILL BE BACK!
7/30/2010   A heaven sent.  She is truly an angel.
7/30/2010  Things went as you said they would, enjoyed my reading today and have a great weekend.
7/29/2010  Jackie has been reading for me for several years.  Although I hate to admit she is always right, lol.  A definite
true                          psychic.
7/29/2010  Call her, you will be impressed and it takes a lot to impress me!
7/29/2010  Thanks for the chat read on such short notice!  I will stay in touch!
7/29/2010   Glad I found you on facebook!  Take Care!
7/28/2010  Thank you  
7/27/2010  Thank you for giving me some guidance in a difficult situation.
7/27/2010  It has taken many years for me to find a true psychic and I am glad I found you!
7/27/2010  The best out there.
7/26/2010  Jackie, loved the reading!  I am surprised on what you picked up with me saying NOTHING!  You have a new client
for                   life!
7/26/2010  I wish I could speak to you everyday!  Thank you so much Jackie!
7/26/2010  You know our last reading I was skeptical, but everything came to pass...WOW I will pay closer attention this
time                           around!
7/26/2010  Until next time....THANKS!
7/24/2010  I don't know what I would do without you sometimes....it was EXACTLY where you said I would find it!
7/24/2010   Blessings dear.
7/24/2010  Thank you  
7/23/2010  great  
7/23/2010  Thank you  
7/23/2010  Love Jackie  
7/22/2010  Jackie is GREAT!  
7/20/2010  I felt much better after talking with you I just pray things go well for me and my new BF  
7/20/2010  Very warming and to the point. I really needed the advice to talk to my husband about our communication issues
and                    our love life. Hope we can talk and work out our issues.  
7/19/2010  A-1 Super Star Psychic, as usual. Thank you for your Support. I will keep you updated.  
7/19/2010  Very quick and will call again  
7/19/2010   Nice speaking to you today!    
7/18/2010    Honesty at its best!  thanks
7/18/2010   THANKS JACKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
7/17/2010   Love her.
7/16/2010   read with her a few times and she is a A +
7/16/2010  Your email reading with me was SPOT ON!  I don't know how you do it!
7/15/2010   My readings with Jackie are a real treat!
7/15/2010  THANKS JACKIE!  You know I will be back! lol
7/15/2010   Amazing! Love my readings with you!
7/14/2010   Everything you said came to pass!  EXACTLY like you said!
7/13/2010    Love her
7/13/2010   Thank you Jackie!
7/12/2010   Thank you for your honesty. That is MUCH appreciated!
7/12/2010   A+++++++++
7/10/2010  I believe that you are more than my psychic, but rather my life coach as well!
7/10/2010  Will not waste your time and will answer all of your questions.
7/9/2010   Jackie it was great speaking with you, this is my third read with you this year, thank you so much.
7/8/2010   CALL HER!  Don't think about it just do it, she has NEVER been wrong for me!!!!
7/8/2010   Thank you, I will return!
7/8/2010   For those that have never called, she is detailed, informative and quick to the point!  She is my FAVORITE!
7/7/2010   Thanks Babe for another great reading!
7/5/2010   Everything on this page is true....CALL HER
7/5/2010  Jackie you are a doll!  I hope you had a great weekend!
7/2/2010  Two words....CALL HER!
7/1/2010  The best of the best!
7/1/2010  I don't think words can possibly express how I feel after today's reading.  THANK YOU!   
7/1/2010   She's quick, accurate and doesn't waste time, you won't be disappointed!!!!!
6/30/2010  Super quick and accurate.  
6/30/2010   Tuned into my situation quickly.
6/30/2010  Thank you.   
6/30/2010  Thank you so much Ms. Jackie PS .... i highly recommend her, your call is worth her readings came true for me  
6/29/2010  I am amazed at your accuracy on an email reading, I don't know how you do it, but you were Dead On!
6/29/2010   Love her.
6/28/2010   Blessings Jackie.
6/28/2010   A must call for those that are wondering.
6/28/2010   thanks babe !
6/27/2010    A delight, honest and quick.
6/26/2010    I'm glad I found your site, I will be contacting you again!  Have a wonderful day!
6/26/2010    LOVELY!
6/25/2010   A pleasure to speak with.
6/24/2010  I GOT THE JOB!  I would ask how you knew...but I guess that is what you do! lol
6/24/2010  SPOT ON!
6/23/2010  You rock!
6/23/2010   Thank you Jackie I enjoyed my reading.
6/22/2010   I have wasted a lot of time and money searching for a true psychic....Jackie I want to thank you, everything
you                              predicted for me came to pass and I was delighted with today's reading.
6/22/2010   Be ready to take lots of notes, she is quick!
6/21/2010   Thanks for the chat on a moments notice!  I will keep you posted!
6/21/2010  I am glad I thought about a medium read...you were so tuned in!
6/21/2010  My favorite!
6/21/2010  SPOT ON!
6/20/2010  After years of your readings, I know not to question you! LOL
6/20/2010  First time caller and she was amazing.
6/20//2010 AWESOME   
6/19/2010  I know I can be a pain!  Thank you for being there for me!  Once again you were right.
6/19/2010  A gem, honest and genuine and sincere.  
6/18/2010  I am delighted to have found you.
6/18/2010  I have spoken to many psychics over the years, however, you give great details with limited information!  My dear
I                         enjoyed it and will return!
6/17/2010  always a pleasure.
6/16/2010  Thanks for the reading as always.
6/16/2010  What a wonderful reading. I will definitely keep you posted.  
6/16/2010   The real deal.
6/16/2010  A++ Wondeful call!!  
6/15/2010  Thank you for the reassurance! I will keep you posted.  And thank you for the email!
6/14/2010  always a pleasure.
6/13/2010  Jackie you carry a true gift, blessings!
6/13/2010  As always ....YOU ROCK
6/12/2010  Very nice to speak with.  
6/12/2010  LOVED THE CHAT READING! Will be back!  
6/12/2010   A lot of great talent with Miss Jackie.
6/12/2010   Thank you!
6/11/2010   GREAT!  Thank you! Will keep in touch!
6/11/2010   I don't know how you do it...you picked up on soooo much that I never mentioned!
6/10/2010   A reading with you was just what I needed!  
6/9/2010   Just as you said last week, I got the job!!!!!   
6/8/2010  My readings with you are always SPOT ON!
6/6/2010  has given me past predictions that has come to pass ...she ROCKS
6/5/2010  Very nice to speak with.  
6/5/2010  Thank you so much for the positive reading.  
6/4/2010   Thank you!
6/3/2010   GREAT!  Thank you Jackie!
6/3/2010   Love her.
6/2/2010    Fantastic.
6/1/2010    Thank you.  
5/31/2010  This girl is AWESOME and is so worth the money!!!! I will always come back....;)  
5/31/2010  Thank you.  
5/31/2010   Worth every penny!
5/30/2010  Thanks for the great reading !  
5/28/2010  Out the park, once again!
5/28/2010  Keep in touch. Always a pleasure talking with you.  
5/28/2010  very positive. great reading. will wait and be patient. Thank you so much.   
5/27/2010  Sill haven't heard from him. It's been 4 mos now. I'm gonna give it a little more time. Thanks  
5/27/2010  She answered my questions in a straightforward manner. I'm even surprised by one unsuspecting detail... a move
to                     New York... all I can do now is wait and see, but until then I'll try staying positive.   
5/25/2010   Can't wait to meet you in person!
5/25/2010  Jackie my dear, you ROCK, and your site is looking great!
5/25/2010   You are more than my psychic, you are my life coach! - Sam
5/24/2010   Thorough....I am impressed with her details.
5/24/2010  I only wish I had your gift!
5/23/2010  Don't hesitate...just CALL HER!
5/19/2010   A must call.
5/19/2010  I Highly reccomend Ms Swami....She is honest, upfront and straight to the reason you calling, I WILL
MOST                                    DEFINITELY BE KEEPIN YOU UP TO DATE... ;) I really enjoyed our phone conversation and I will
DEFINITELY call                         you again. I got a really good feeling from talking to you and I sincerely hope this works ;) Love &
5/19/2010  Nice to meet you You picked right up on everything Thanks for the insight Have a great day I will call again Connie  
5/16/2010  Very insightful.  
5/16/2010  Very insightful, I am amazed on what you picked up on an email reading, you are DEAD ON!
5/15/2010  Wonderful to hear that I am not the only one with a love concern!  Thanks for the insight!
5/14/2010  Excellent, Jackie was great. Pickup my situation fast, details with info. Very nice to talk to also. Highly recommend.
A                      must call!  
5/13/2010  Very accurate reading. Thank you!   
5/12/2010  I first contacted you in March.  Why did I call back?  ALL OF YOUR PREDICTIONS HAPPENED!  Thank you Jackie
5/9/2010    A+++ all the way!! I enjoyed my call to Jackie and I found her to be kind and very accurate. I will definitely be
calling                       her again. Thanks so much and best wishes always!!  
5/9/2010   I wish I could speak to you daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
5/9/2010   You are truly an inspiration!
5/9/2010  First time caller and very impressed! Jackie was very kind and had a great energy about her. She really picked up
on                    the situation and knew what was going on. I am looking forward to what is yet to come. Thanks so much and I will
be                      contacting you soon with an update. Best wishes always!  
5/9/2010  I will admit that i have talked to many psychics about a certain someone in my life and i would have to say Ms Swami
is                    the best. She didnt ask DOB just my name and his and she was so right. you can tell when it is BS when you have
had                  a few readings and she was very kind you could hear her clearly, there was no baby in the background or static
from                   a cell phone..lol I will call her again.  
5/8/2010  Very Good Call. She is very helpful and accurate. I would highly recommend her to others.   
5/8/2010  Thank you so much for clearing things up for me. I feel free not just go about my business now:-)  
5/5/2010  Thank you for my excellent reading and insight.   
5/6/2010  Great reading!!!Very friendly and a wonderful person. Will call again.  
5/6/2010   Loved my reading, thank you.
5/5/2010  Thank you!  
5/5/2010  great call thnx  
5/5/2010  honest and real worth the call  
5/4/2010  It was a pleasure talking with you. Keep on touch.  
5/1/2010   It happened the way you said it would....THANKS JACKIE!
4/30/2010   Love her, thank you so much.
4/30/2010  Call her thanks Jackie   
4/29/2010  Awesome....  
4/29/2010  Great call will call again.  
4/28/2010  Sounds good. Look forward to the events coming about.   
4/28/2010  I have been waiting a month for a interview that an employer promised me and she said he is going thru with it
be                          patient. Well today I spoke with him he said I love the persistence and call me in two weeks. He explained he
had                           been kinda stalled on the hiring. I GOT THE JOB!
4/27/2010  Jackie is wonderful!!! Her reading was pretty consistant with previous reading. You will not be disappointed if you
call                    her!! Thank you Jackie, I look forward to your predictions coming to pass. Peace and blessings to you!!   
4/24/2010   Loved my reading!  Glad my sister found you!!!!
4/24/2010   Much more than a psychic.
4/242010   So if your like me and never talked to a psychic on the phone, she is a MUST CALL!
4/23/2010   Love and Light.
4/23/2010  Thanks Jackie!
4/23/2010   Blessings
4/23/2010  I was skeptical about an email reading....HOWEVER you were exactly right with a lot of details.  I will be contacting
you                   next month!
4/22/2010   Thank you.  Sometimes I need Jackie to keep me sane!
4/21/2010  Well it worked out as planned and I have moved!  Loving my new place! Thank You.
4/21/2010   You were referred to me by a friend.  I have never called a psychic before, but I must admit it blew me away in
what                       you picked up! THANKS
4/21/2010  This is my third chat reading with you....you are always DEAD ON!  Keep it up Jackie I am glad I found you!
4/20/2010   All of her past predictions with me have come to pass.
4/20/2010  Wonderful!
4/18/2010   Very easy to speak with.
4/17/2010  You are probably the only psychic that has ever "connected" with me, lol.  For that I am grateful!
4/17/2010   Loved her, I will be back.
4/16/2010  5 stars?  I think not, you deserve ALL the stars in the sky!
4/14/2010  Highly recommended by another well known psychic.    
4/12/2010  Jackie is wonderful!!! Her reading was pretty consistent with previous reading. You will not be disappointed if you
call                    her!! Thank you Jackie, I look forward to your predictions coming to pass. Peace and blessings to you!!  
4/112010    A delight to get a reading from Jackie, glad I found her.
4/10/2010   Just letting you know we are facebook friends too! thank you!
4/10/2010  Thank you for always being there for me.  I know you get it because your a mom too!   
4/8/2010    AWESOME
4/7/2010   Jackie has been reading for me for years!  I trust her fully, I don't know how she does it....but she is always right!
4/6/2010    Quick and honest.
4/6/2010  v ery to the point and stop on connection with me , THANKS JACKIE
4/5/2010   Thank for all the insights and confidence in what you see  
4/5/2010   Thank you!!   
4/4/2010   Thank you once again!  And Love, Love, Love the new Reiki section!
4/3/2010    A must call.
4/2/2010  Most psychics are very general....Jackie gave a tremendous amount of detail on things I did not ask about, and
was                      RIGHT ON!
4/3/2010   My fourth reading with her, love her accuracy.
4/3/2010   Super!
4/2/2010  very friendly, accurate and approachable.  
4/2/2010  wow! excellent reading and highly recommendable!  
4/1/2010  Ms. Swami is a gifted psychic who is direct & confident with her information, as well as compassionate & friendly in
her                   tone & demeanor. I got my money's worth - and then some! It is so important for people to feel as though they
are                         heard. She listened to my questions and zoned into exactly what I needed her to. She was very helpful & did
so in a                      short amount of time. I would have spent more time if I'd had more money, for sure. I will definitely be calling
this psychic                 again! Thanks, Terri  
4/1/2010   My first call to you was on 3-19-2010, EVERYTHING you said came to pass!
4/1/2010  She is very sensible and clear on your readings. Highly accurate and recommend.   
3/31/2010  Wonderful Lady. Thank you for all your assistance in giving me such an accurate and honest reading. I had
called                       Jackie last week and she gave me a prediction that I was going to get a call back for a job by Wed/Thurs of
this week. I                  just got a call and they want me to start on Monday! She is very true and genuine reader! I trust her and
highly                              recommend her.   
3/30/2010  Thank you for your honesty.  
3/282010    ty  
3/27/2010  Thanks!  
3/27/2010  Amazing call. She is really calm and genuine. I was very impressed by her confidence in answering my questions. She
is definitely someone that I would call back and recommend to others.   
3/26/2010  A++ . Thank you Jackie for all your help and great advise. Have a great weekend.  
3/26/2010  Many thanks to you for today's reading.  
3/25/2010   In reference to my reading in Feb., everything came to pass!  Enjoyed speaking to you today!
3/25/2010   A+++++++++
3/25/2010  I guess I should have listened, it happened the way you described!
3/25/2010  I am your BIGGEST fan!
3/24/2010   A real pleasure, I hope to meet you one day.
3/24/2010  Jackie remained positive with me when others wouldn't and what we said would come to pass in Mid March did!
And                       that's why Jackie is a must call! Thanks Jackie  
3/24/2010  WOW!  I didn't expect that much from an email reading but you were right on!
3/22/2010  Great chatting with you.  You are definitely my life coach!
3/21/2010  Great call..    
3/19/2010  Great Reading. She was very helpful. She picked up on the situation quick and gave me a good prediction. I will
await                   to see the outcome and let her know. I would definitely recommend her, she is very genuine.   
3/19/2010  A++++++++++++
3/18/2010  thank you  
3/18/2010  amazing amount of good details great reading  
3/4/2010     We have spoke twice and she is accurate without details call her today  
2/24/2010     NICE!   
3/17/2010    Very nice and warm, friendly and easy to talk to, she has read for me before and has been RIGHT ON!
3/17/2010     AWESOME!
3/17/2010     Definitely worth several calls. VERY accurate. Jackie, you got a regular!   
3/17/2010     A delight!
3/17/2010     Thank you so much, you answered everything!
3/17/2010     Very good read  
3/16/2010     Awesome reading ! with specific details to the past, present, and future. Very honest  
3/15/2010     I GOT THE JOB THANKS!   
3/13/2010      She gave advice on things that I never asked about....IMPRESSIVE!
3/12/2010      Very good reading. Quick and accurate.  
3/12/2010      Thank you very much for your advise, I will call again  
3/12/2010      Great Call!! as always, made me feel comfortable about my situation.. thanks   
3/12/2010      Very uplifting, very insightful, very professional, I like calling her for follow ups and when I need my own sense
of                             relief. Thanks Jackie!  
3/12/2010      I WISH I HAD CALLED YOU FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/112010      Great Reading  
3/112010      Thank you so much!  
3/10/2010      REALLY no messing around !! she is AWESOME!! really !! She absolutely did not tell me what I wanted to hear-
I                         was convinced and prepared for this thing to be over- but she saw it differently- with details that were so
specific!!                         really excellent!! thank you!!  
3/9/2010      thank you!for the update, it was very comforting to hear what you had to say, you haven't let me down yet!
Thank                          you again.
3/8/2010      very good reader..i would call..she tuned in well  
3/8/2010      good. will have to see what happens...you havent been wrong yet BLESS YOU!
3/7/2010      Jackie is great! Picked up so quickly on my situation and told me what to expect.
3/7/2010      A really good reading, as always! Thank you!!  
3/6/2010      Jackie was awesome!!! She was very nice, accurate and to the point. Will definitely call again for a follow up
session                      with her. Thanks Jackie!  
3/6/2010      Great news! Thanks!  
3/5/2010      Thank you!  
3/4/2010  thx! I'll let you know how things develop! So far you have been right in everything you said, even if I didn't want
to                          believe it!
3/4/2010  Jackie was awesome!!! She was very nice, accurate and to the point. Will definitely call again for a follow up session
with her. Thanks Jackie!  
3/4/2010  Thank you!  
3/3/2010  thank you  
3/2/2010  Jackie thanks for being here and listening... Hope things turn out the way you saw them. Many Blessings!!!    
2/28/2010   Probably the most gifted I have ever spoke to!     
2/27/2010  we will see what happens!  You picked up on a lot, I was really impressed!
2/26/2010  thank you so much! she is a great reader with excellent vision and clarity! very helpful and informative! great call!   
2/26/2010   AWESOME!
2/26/2010  thank you enjoyed your reading hope predictions come true losing hope now looking forward to another reading
will                      call back for an update  
2/26/2010   Love her!
2/26/2010  She is VERY GOOD! I feel she picked up on the situation accurately. Definitely got his personality right away. Tells
t                      he good and the bad of the situation. Thank you Ms Swami!    
2/25/2010  thanks so much --god bless you. thanks fo rbeing to the point an honest.. thank you sooo much!.  
2/25/2010  Most pleased. She is thorough and very descriptive. Thank you.  
2/25/2010  A must call!
CLEAR.                           WILL CALL AGAIN.  
2/24/2010  I really enjoyed the call...great information, very detailed. God Bless!    
2/24/2010  Good reading not wasting my time speaking to her!.  Thanks very much good connection.  
2/24/2010  Thank you so much!  
2/24/2010  tapped in quickly and gave details and predictions so similar to others with 'quick' results by April; I was floored
to                          hear it 'again'. If this is really going to happen, I will be one lucky person. I'll check back.  
2/23/2010  because I was sooo stressed yesterday, I must have called 10 psychics. I know, bad decision. but I got so
many                            answers. Jackie, you were right, they signed up for the 24 lesson package. and actually thanked me for
having so                         many options! Thanks again!!  
2/23/2010  Thank you so much you were right 100%. However he was very nice about it, I stay over.. Sure hope he continue
to                     call and I see him. So far you have been right thanks I will call again  
2/23/2010  SUPER FANTASTIC!  
2/22/2010  Simply Awesome, Thanks for telling me the truth. We be calling back.  
2/22/2010  Once I said his name, she picked up on him instantly and gave details that verified things for me! Thank you! She
is                      amazing! Please, try her. I would definitely call back!    
2/22/2010  your description of him was right on the mark!!! and with that and your insight on what is to come for the 2 of us,
has                     been so uplifting! Thank you! I will call back for update.  
2/22/2010  ty  
2/22/2010  thank you very much for the details quite appreciated.  
2/21/2010  Great Call!!! She kept talking about me moving (previous calls).. I of course did not see myself moving but low
and                        behold today I got an offer about a new place and took it.. She was right on point.. Looking forward to
speaking to her i                 n the future..   
1/8/2010  Thank you for picking up things in my life, and helping me out!  
2/19/2010  thanks, I will keep u updated.  
2/17/2010  Great call. Direct, & to the point. Can't believe I didn't have to tell her anything she just knew & connected so fast.
Will                   call again!  
2/17/2010  GREAT!   
2/17/2010  very nice person, really easy to talk to.  
2/17/2010  thank you so much for the great news, I am still AMAZED at some things you said with me telling you NOTHING!  
2/17/2010  Ms Swami was a pleasure to speak with, and was on target with her reading. I will definitely call again to keep
her                           posted of my situation. Five Stars!!  
2/15/2010   AWESOME!   
2/14/2010  Really enjoyed my reading, felt like I was chatting with my best friend. She has been reading for me for years and
has                   never let me down!
2/132010  good    call.
2/12/2010  Great Call   
2/12/2010  I can always count on you! Thank you so much for your help today. Need quick answers, straight forward...She is
a                       MUST call! 10 Stars!  
2/11/2010  quick and good, thanks    
2/11/2010  TY. So encouraging. Sorry I ever doubted you.  What you told me before happened EXACTLY like you said!
2/11/2010  excellent and real  
2/10/2010  What a God-Send you are!!!! Thanks again!!!  
2/10/2010  Thank you so much for the clarity and confirmations. You picked up on this situation perfectly !!! Blessings to you!!!  
2/10/2010  Thank you! I will keep you posted. :)  
2/10/2010  awesome  
2/10/2010  Looking forward to taking your advice, I will call again in a couple of weeks!
2/10/2010  Thank you! I will keep you posted. :)  
2/10/2010  awesome  
2/10/2010  Looking forward to my next reading already!
2/9/2010  positive, but will tell you exactly as she sees it!  That I appreciate!
2/9/2010   I would recommend and she was on point with many issues. Thank you.  
2/8/2010  Thanks for a great reading, Jackie! I will take your advice and let you know how it goes.  
2/9/2010  Thank you.  
2/9/2010  Great reading. Thank you so much.  
2/9/2010  You talk to me like I a friend would...As a psychic its is important to have that kind of connection, so thank you.  
2/9/2010  My first reading with her was in December....and to be honest I thought she was "off".  EVERYTHING she
predicted                        came to pass!  WOW
2/9/2010  very good call! 1st time caller. She picked up on current situation and answered my questions very quickly. thank you  
2/8/2010  Excellent will call back soon. Quick, sharp straight to the point answers.  
2/8/2010   AWESOME
2/8/2010  great call i feel like she picked on my situation great   
2/8/2010  Good Reading - thanks so much!  
2/7/2010  Thank you for your insight! I will be calling you back.  
2/7/2010  Thank you for the positive reading.  
2/7/2010  thank you  
2/7/2010  she is so helpful and great thank you
2/6/2010  Jackie is awesome. I always enjoy speaking with her. Great reading...She is very insightful and she picks up on
things                   very quickly with no prompting straight forward and encouraging. Solid reader she is very grounded, present
and easy                  to talk to. Honest and insightful. Thanks. You're awesome.   
2/6/2010  Thank you.   
2/6/2010  lovely session!  
2/6/2010  great thank you      
2/5/2010   This is probably the BEST reading I have ever had.  I gave her NO information, and she tuned right in.    
2/4/2010  very nice. says things will be back toward normal at end of month, and in good place by mid-march.  
2/4/2010  Very gifted plus caring. Definitely a seer and even answered my question and confirmed my own vision I had about
my                  question.  
2/4/2010  Very understanding. Tells you what she sees as opposed to what you might like to hear, for example, I would love
to                      hear that my man would call me today but while Jackie is confident that he will contact me she was clear that he
will not                  do it right away! Great reading.  
2/4/2010  very positive. thank you    
2/2/2010  A very good reader, very empathetic, and does see the future. Will call for an update in a few months. A definite
must                   call.  
2/2/2010  Good reading..we will see what happens...other predictions by her HAVE come to pass...  
2/2/2010  good reading, 1st time caller and will call again.
2/2/2010  Thank you so much! Many blessings to you!  
2/1/2010  Thank you very much. She is helpful and friendly and I will call her again.  
2/1/2010  My 1st time to call Jackie, she quickly tuned in to the questions that was asked. It was AWESOME. Very insightful
and                    gave detailed info. She was precise and fast too. Very nice lady. Thank you so much and I'll keep you posted.  
2/1/2010 Called her back after first reading... She was right about boyfriend getting in touch with me and us working things
out..                     Feel confident about this reading... Cant wait for the outcome   
1/31/2010   You are ALWAYS one step ahead on my divorce proceedings THANK YOU!
1/31/2010   Thank you Jackie
1/31/2010  Nice and friendly been getting readings from her for YEARS!    
1/30/2010  Thank you so much for the awesome reading. I will be sure to keep you updated.  
1/30/2010  Nice and friendly. Gave some details about timing - hopefully she's right! Thanks!  
1/30/2010  A true angel from above!  
1/30/2010  Thank you for giving me clairity in my situation.
1/29/2010   Love her honesty.
1/29/2010   More than a psychic.
1/29/2010  Thanks for your honest and wonderful advice! I appreciated your insights 10 stars!  
1/28/2010  She was right. He is coming around.    
1/28/2010  Who else can I call in the middle of the night? lol. For some ODD reason i felt a Positive energy while talking with her.
1/28/2010  she is great, i will give it a try thank you j  
1/28/2010  shes gifted and helpful ty so much  
1/26/2010  Genuine and sincere.
1/17/2010  Clear and to the point. Doesn't sugar coat it and calls it like she see's it.  
1/27/2010  very helpful thank you !  
1/26/2010  great reading. picked up on things very fast. thank you  
1/26/2010  Thanks so much!  
1/26/2010  AWESOME
1/26/2010  A truly gifted psychic.  
1/25/2010  Thank you   
1/25/2010  She was great.  
1/24/2010  One of the questions I asked you to clarify for me you truly answered much differently than any other reader has in a
very clear positive way. Thank you.  
1/24/2010  thank you for the talk j  
1/24/2010  Loved my reading with Jackie!
1/23/2010  Really good reading! Thank you, Jackie!!  
1/23/2010  I wish I could speak with you everyday!  
1/22/2010  Great - thank you    
1/21/2010  Seemed to connect with me pretty well! Wish I had more time to talk to her. I wasted my money on a recent call wish
I                     found her first! Thanks for your help. I will call again.   
1/21/2010   I want to say thank you again for the reading. I was very informative and helpful. Those wondering whether
they                            should pick up the phone - make the call. you wont regret it   
1/21/2010  Awesome...  
1/20/2010  Love Jackie see is Great!!  
1/20/2010  Great!!The Best!!
1/19/2010  terrific  
1/19/2010  Thank You!
1/19/2010  WOW WOW WOW!
1/19/2010  she gave a hope !!!  
1/19/2010  Nice. I will call you back with updates. Thank you.  
1/19/2010  You are awesome. Hit the nail on the head right out of the gate.  
1/19/2010  she is great!
1/18/2010  Thank you so much! I will keep you updated. Many blessings to you!   
1/18/2010  she is an EXCELLENT reader, picked up on quite a bit and was very positive. HIGHLY recommend her  
1/18/2010  Good reading..straight to the point and confirmed what I have been told by others. Will call back with an
update.                            Thanks Jackie!  
1/18/2010  She WONDERFUL!!!!! She is consistant and a real great help. Thank you!!  
1/18/2010  very nice and a positive lady.I would call her again.  
1/18/2010  Thank you so much Jackie!!! Take care  
1/18/2010  yeaaaaa... good reading! first time caller.  
1/18/2010  Great Reading!!!  She also told me to let things happen which is something I have difficulty doing.. She was
certainly                     on point.. Give her a call shes straight to the point
1/18/2010  Excellent reading! I will follow your advice!
1/18/2010  She is very good. CALL HER!  
1/18/2010  Thanks Jackie. You were very insightful and helpful. You definitely put me at ease about this new relationship and
its                     potential. I look forward to speaking with you again.   
1/18/2010  Jackie  Thanks for the insight.  
1/18/2010  I really enjoy talking to this lady , only have 2 give her names and she picks up very easily, confirmed what she
told                       me before and also what others have told me  
1/18/2010  Very warm personality, answers questions promptly and very clear. I felt immediately that she is good at her craft.
An                    absolute delight to talk to. I will certainly call her again.      
1/17/2010  OMG with no information given she pegged him to a tee. Very fast and accurate. will keep u posted  
1/17/2010  Thank you so much for your insight. You were dead on with my situation and will keep you updated. This advisor is by
far one the the best on keen and I would definitely call her again.   
1/17/2010  very nice to talk to made me feel a lot better talking with her hope everything comes true will definitely call back   
1/17/2010  good reading... will update and call again... thanks   
1/15/2010   I found you in Examiner and glad I did!  I will most certainly call again!
1/16/2010   Love her!
1/15/2010  Thank you so much! I will be calling back soon!  
1/15/2010  Excellent reading.  
1/14/2010  Thanks Jackie, I think that the entire thing is funny, but I will keep you posted on what will happens next.  
1/14/2010   A must call if you haven't.
1/13/2010   I am actually in Norfolk VA and hope to meet you one day!
1/13/2010  awesome reading, will call you back. thank you.    
1/13/2010  Thank you, WHAT A GIFT!  I will call again!
1/12/2010  Thank you!!  
1/12/2010  Thanks for the reading. Outcome still to come.  
1/12/2010  Thanks for the reading. Outcome still to come.  
1/12/2010  Wonderful! Such a great reading! Very accurate! Highly recommend!  
1/12/2010  confirmed other advisors ! Thank you  
1/12/2010  First time caller..Excellent reading. She was very accurate on the details. I was impressed. Give her a try, you will
see                    what I mean.   
1/12/2010  Wonderful energy. Very gifted reader. Thank you so much.  
1/12/2010  She is really amazing. I will be calling again. TY  
1/12/2010  wow, she is great.    
1/12/2010  Fabulous Reading!!!  
1/11/2010  Awesome!!  
1/11/2010  I just had an amazing reading with Ms Swami. This reader is definitely worth every penny.  
1/10/2010  Thank you so much Ms. Swami... you were right. we spent the weekend together. He asked me on a cruise for
this                          summer as a late birthday gift. He also wants to take me out for dinner. Things are turning out exactly how
you said                       before. Hopefully, I will have more good news soon. I am happy with the reading. You were honest and
straight                             forward about things to happen and they are happening the way you said. I feel better. He made it
known that he only                   wants me in his life and wants us to be official....Thank you and Many Blessings!!!!  
1/10/2010  Heart-warming and accurate!  
1/10/2010  Thank you...  
1/9/2009  great reading..ty...I'll keep my fingers crossed   
1/9/2010  Thank you, hope we both get over our colds soon! Thank you for the great info!   
1/8/2010  Very helpful  
1/8/2010  Excellent and Very Accurate!! Thank you so much, Jackie  
1/7/2010  Thanks for the feedback.  
1/7/2010  AWESOME!  
1/7/2010  Very Nice and easy to talk to will call again.  
1/6/2010  thank you  
1/6/2010  Thanks Jackie! I appreciate your insight. You were very friendly and pleasant to talk to. I hope your predictions
come                    to pass. I look forward to the good year you see for me! Thanks again! God Bless :)  
1/6/2010  Thank you sooo much.  
1/6/2010  very easy to talk to and understanding. and great advice
1/6/2010  This is was my first call and I appreciate Ms Swami giving me accurate details about the situation at hand.    
1/6/2010  Really fabulous - picked up on things quickly and went along with what others have said.  
1/6/2010  Thank you. You were very fast with your answers, I will keep you informed as thing pan out.  
1/6/2010  on point, caring, patient, and honest. Highly recommended!  
1/5/2010  Spoke to her twice in one day about relationship and job matter and seemed accurate about both topics. Very
patient                   and friendly, i will be calling back again as we did get disconnected on this last call. She's that good!   
1/5/2010  excellent  
1/5/2010  Oh my goodness...you are simply wonderful. Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease about my situation. I
will                    definitely call back again. Sorry that the call was so short. there is a reason that I searched and found you. It's
hard                       going through sometimes and it helps to talk to someone about it. I feel like you are someone that I can really
trust. I                    wish I could give you more than 5 stars...I can't wait til we speak again... Thank you so much... you are
1/5/2010  very nice and honest reader. Cant wait to have a follow up reading!
1/5/2010  Thank you - I enjoyed your reading which was insightful. I shall be patient and wait to see how events will unfold.
Give                    her a call - she is a warm and pleasant person.   
1/5/2010  Will call and give an update! Thank you soo much  
1/5/2010  Thank you, good reader.  
1/4/2010  This is what i like. A straight forward, no nonsense reader who doesn't ask a million questions but gives
accurate                           advice. I love Sagis, so it's no wonder I felt comfortable talking to her. Thanks so much!  
1/4/2010  Thank you so much! will take your advice on being patient!  
1/4/2010  Ms. Swami is as awesome as they come! She is an incredible reader! From the get go she zoomed in on my
questions                  and delivered her information quickly, precisely and accurately. She is very gifted and was very committed
to giving an                  accurate reading! I highly encourage others to phone her! Many thanks Ms. Swami!  
1/4/2010  thanks for everything  
1/4/2009  Thank you!  
1/4/2009  Thank you!  
1/3/2010  Thanks! Great at always! She is a Must call!  
1/3/2010  Thank you. I looked forward to discovering what we discussed good to hear things are changing to more of the positive
1/3/2010  Great reading! She read J very well about him being reserved type of guy...  Wow! Will contact her again ..  
1/3/2010   I will wait and see what happens!! Thanks Jackie for the insight, 5 stars!!!  
1/3/2010  Positive reading I will see how things will turn out for me in the future. But I will keep you posted. Thanks will talk with
you soon.  
1/3/2010  Great informative reading. You picked up allot of issues surrounding my relationship. Thank you for your accuracy.  
1/3/2010  Jackie it was pleasure speaking with you. Great insight! Thank You Immensely  
1/3/2010  pretty straight forward.  
1/2/2010  thank you I feel that you gave me good insight   
1/1/2010  thank you  
1/1/2010  thank u :)  

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