12/31/2012   I have been left speechless with my email reading with Jackie.  Accurate and detailed, she is an
       amazing woman!
12/31/2012    Another wonderful reading with Jackie.  Such a pleasure to speak with and you can count on her
        readings as she has proven her accuracy with me by numerous readings with her.  She is
        wonderful with time frames!
12/30/2012   A first time caller as well and delighted I found your site and called.  She asks no questions and
       answered all of my questions and then some.
12/29/2012   A first time caller and really pleased.  She speaks clearly in what she sees and is direct in what
       she sees.  She does not waste time and a pleasure to speak to.  I will call again!
12/29/2012   A real gem.  Quick and to the point and has always been accurate with me!
12/28/2012   Always the one I can count on for honesty.  I have had a couple of readings with her and
       everything she said did come to pass.  Accuracy at its best!
12/28/2012   LOVED the email reading!  Filled with details and answered all of my questions, THANK YOU!
12/27/2012   Honesty at its best.  She will tell you what she actually sees happening verses what you want to
       hear, a true psychic in my book!
12/24/2012   A wonderful reading with no questions asked!
12/23/2012   This is the first time I felt I had a true psychic reading instead of being judged by my questions
       or given general advice.  I would highly recommend calling her.
12/23/2012   My first reading with Jackie was January of this year and I believe there was indeed a reason I
       found her and her site.  The guidance she has given myself and my family I cannot put into words.
12/22/2012   Quick, accurate, funny and most of all HONEST!
12/22/2012   Loved her!  She was referred to me from a friend of mine and I'm glad I called.  She asks no
       questions and does not waste time.  Astounded by what she picked up on currently in my life!
12/21/2012   A first time caller and she is going down as my favorite.  Awesome!
12/21/2012    She is more than a psychic!  Truly gifted!
12/202012     Jackie has been my personal psychic for years.  If you have never had a reading with her, you
        don't know what your missing.
12/19/2012    A wonderful email reading with Jackie!  Answered everything and then some!
12/19/2012    Always a pleasure to speak with.  You never have to guess what she sees as she is direct and
        to the point!
12/17/2012    A first time caller.  I usually don't leave written feedback however I loved my reading with her.  I
       love the fact that she is direct and honest in what she sees.  I also like that she will go further if
       something different pops up during your reading.  She is well worth placing the call!
12/16/2012   Jackie has been my personal psychic for years.  She has really come through for my family when
       we needed it most!
12/16/2012   She is truly amazing.  Direct to the point and always right with me.
12/15/2012   I really didn't think a 30 minute reading with her would be enough time to answer all of my
       questions.  However, she answered everything and then some!  I also appreciate her honesty.
12/15/2012   A wonderful email reading with Jackie.  Lots of details and time frames as well.
12/14/2012   This is probably one of the most intense readings that I have had in years.  I fully believe she is
        a real psychic.  She didn't ask questions or fish for information.  What she picked up on was
2012 Testimonials