The art of manifestation

By Jackie Tomlin

Do you know how to manifest your desires and make them a reality? Manifestation is your ability to draw to you,
what you want by visualization. It does not require an endless amount of time in meditation. It is strictly manipulating
your thought process.

For instance, we all go through bad spells somehow this cannot be avoided. What I am referring to is your mind set
when this occurs. If you are feeling negative thoughts, or thoughts of dread, then this will stick with you longer than
you realize.

How many thoughts do you have in a day? Simply stated, thoughts trigger your emotions. Like anything else
manifestation is a learning process. For some, it comes fairly easy while others have to practice for some time. In
this learning process you learn to control your thoughts and emotions such as dread, lack, fear and worry.

When upsetting occurrences happen it is time for your thoughts and emotions to take control. Will you overcome or
be overwhelmed? Even when faced with obstacles the positive thoughts must lead.

Emotional feelings will then become intention. Accept that power into your life and you will be surprised at how
quickly things will begin to turn around.

I have seen many that make manifestation posters. They are used for your long-term goals. I highly recommend this
for those that have a problem with visualization. Where do you want to be in your life this time next year? What are
you aiming to accomplish? Now that we are closing out the year, it is time to start your manifestation process for

There will be times that you will loose sight or your focus. It happens to all of us, as we are human. Once you
realize this, redirect your thoughts and emotions. Try to keep them positive with feelings of happiness and good.
Remember that what you are thinking about is what you are attracting to you.

Throughout your manifestation process, contentment needs to be your driving emotion. It is all about where you are
going. Not where you are now or where you have been, but what is to come.

What is your desire and how bad do you want it?

© 2009-2019 Jackie Tomlin..  December 2009
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