Members of Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations (CVAPI) went to see the movie “The Conjuring”.  
Since then,  CVAPI has had numerous inquiries on what part of the  movie they felt was real and what
parts of the movie did they view as being fake.

Jackie Tomlin, “The movie did a great combination of showing paranormal activity in general, signs
of sleep paralysis, and what could happen in a demonic haunt.”  “Several things portrayed in the movie as
paranormal activity we have witnessed, but not always on a negative haunt.”  “For example, cold spots,
sounds, reports of a full blown apparition, pictures falling, doors opening, orbs on photography, a child
playing with something, and the fact that it targeted the women and children first, are all signs of
paranormal activity.”  “Those particular signs do not indicate a negative haunt.”

CVAPI also referenced the scene in the movie where she awoke to a full-blown apparition would be a good
example of sleep paralysis.  From Jackie Tomlin, “I think they did a great job building the hype in the
movie.”  “A full blown possession is unlikely but always possible.”  “Also noted that they had no dedicated
religion in the movie, which is also common in negative cases.”  “The fact that the activity occurred at 3:
07AM can be somewhat true, but in actuality paranormal activity does not seem to care about the hour it
takes place.”  “We have also had investigations that have haunted objects that does not indicate a
negative haunt, and another that did have a negative haunt, so that could go either way.”

CVAPI has a protocol that they follow in a negative haunt.  From time to time, signs of a demonic haunt
are discussed in their Ghost Hunting 101 presentation.  The next Ghost Hunting 101 presentation is
coming up in the month of October and open to the public.

From Jackie Tomlin, “We don’t like to give out all of the signs of a negative or demonic haunt, just for the
facts of the reports we get for investigation requests.”  “I can say some of the signs that were in the movie
including bad smell, birds flying into the window, family pets dieing, bruises and bite marks, and problems
heating the home, are some of the signs that we have seen before.”  “There again, the signs are
numerous, it is also common that family members are sleeping in one room, or have left the location.”

CVAPI believes that the producer’s did a great job on this movie.  A lot of what was featured as
paranormal activity, they have experienced before.  From Jackie Tomlin, “There are scenes in the movie
that we are not onboard with, but cannot say they could not happen.”  “I can say that in the instance of a
negative haunt, the most significant changes will only occur when a family takes a unified front, and stands
behind their faith.”

Keep your eye on their website for the date and location of Ghost Hunting 101 in October.  This is a huge
hit and it fills up very quickly.  This year it will be held in the Chester area.
The Conjuring:  Fact or fluff?
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