The need to know...

By Jackie Tomlin

There are many people, who have at one time or another sought out a psychic reading. What prompts them to?
More so than curiosity, it is their need to know. It is usually a question in particular that they are seeking an
answer to.

All humans have a natural curiosity. However, when certain events in your life transpire the need to know seems
to intensify. It can pertain to excitement, as in a new job or a promotion that you are looking for. Or curiosity of
how your holiday travel and your time spent with loved ones will go.

More often than not, that need to know is always there in every one of us. Generally it seems to be triggered by
events as things change in our life each passing day. Job stability, divorces, and foreclosures have seemed to
become popular on the list of that need to know.

When should you not know? When it pertains to your health. Most psychics, including myself, do not offer health
readings for this reason. Another reason is as a psychic, if it is pertaining to your health and something that we
should not know, then it will not show us anything.

Through the economic crisis, I have seen that financial questions are on the rise. Surprisingly though, still the
number one question in “the need to know” category, is pertaining to love and relationships. It appears that even
when times are good and when they are bad, people think it is easier when they have someone in their love life.

Above, I have addressed some of the basic categories that people “need to know” when seeking a psychic
reading. What I want to emphasize is that people forget to ask this most often in a psychic reading. What do you
“need to know”. This can be a lot different from what you are asking.

Sometimes you are made to go through bad experiences, in which, in turn will make you a stronger person in the
end. If you are stuck in one of those ruts, redirect your focus on where you are going and not where you are
now. Remember, “Where thoughts go, energy flows”.

On the most popular topic of love and relationships, it is fairly simple. “You cannot expect anyone to love you
until you love yourself”.

Now that we are in December and you are busy getting ready for the holidays, remember to take the time to
close out old business. December is the time to close down this year and with that do not plan to start your new
year with the past lingering.

So when you are seeking a psychic reading, sure it is fine to ask about your current situation. But do not forget to
look out into next year to see what lies ahead. Also don’t forget to ask what you “need to know”.

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