Two opportunities to learn all about ghost hunting
By Jackie Tomlin, Richmond Psychic & Paranormal Examiner

Each year Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations, known as CVAPI, gives a lecture and presentation
known as Ghost Hunting 101. It covers the basics of ghost hunting, the equipment, what we look for, what
people report, and how you can get started in ghost hunting. Other topics include dust or orbs, what is
actually paranormal and what can be portrayed as paranormal.

This is the perfect opportunity to have your questions answered. The equipment will also be on location. It is
not so much as how much equipment that you have as it is to know the capabilities of the equipmen,t and
that will be discussed as well. Are you interested in ghost hunting? If so, they will tell you what you will need
to get you started.

CVAPI receives many requests to look at photographs that people have taken. This would be a great
opportunity to bring them with you to share with fellow peers of the same interest.

What if you have pets? Are they affected by the paranormal? Animals will be discussed from family pets to
barnyard animals. From EVPs, EMF’s, human spirits to the supernatural, join them in learning the
terminology of ghost hunting.

With today being the first day of fall, and Halloween is right around the corner, many begin to think of the
paranormal. Ghost Hunting 101 in the past, has drawn in large crowds, and been a tremendous amount of
fun for the team.

Both workshops are open to the public and no RSVP is needed. Please feel free to join one of the two

This Saturday, September 25, CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Sideline Café 1:00PM to 3:00PM
Chesterfield Meadows Shopping Center, 10348 Iron Bridge Road, Chester VA 23831

Tuesday, October 19th, NEWPORT NEWS, VA, Grissom Library 6:30PM to 8:30PM
366 DeShazor Drive, Newport News, VA 23608

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