Types of haunts

By Jackie Tomlin

I am often asked if all hauntings are the same.  The answer to that is, “No”, Though some can show some
similarities, it all depends on what type of haunt you are looking at.

CVAPI (Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations) have certain signs we look for before classifying a haunt.

Most don’t seem to realize that there are different types of haunts.  It is depending on the nature of the haunt as to
how CVAPI will proceed.

Some of these include human spirits, child spirits, the supernatural, damned spirits and damned souls, animals and
poltergeist.  The most common are human spirits.

What is a human spirit?  It is the same as a living person without a physical body.  Some of these are believed to
be people that have choose not to cross.  They can appear the same as they did when they were living.

If they were a pleasant person, then they are pleasant in the spirit world.  If they were hateful and bitter, then they
are the same in the spirit world.  Why are they here?  There are many theories as to why they are still here.  We
have found some are attached to the land while others are actually attached to homes or to people.  Some appear
to lack knowledge and are actually scared to cross over.  I don’t think we will ever have all the answers as to why
they are here.

In the same category are child spirits.  If human they can appear to be playful and often as pranksters, the same
applies to animal spirits.  It is common that things of the negative side can manifest as children or animals in order
to win your trust.  They key here, is they generally manifest with hollow eyes, as the eyes are the key to the soul.

People seem to fear the word poltergeist when in actuality is just means a noisy ghost.  They can be frightening
and very annoying.

Though we have been able to document many trends on investigations, there is still a lot that occurs that we have
no explanation for.  I don’t believe anyone in the paranormal field will ever have all of the answers.

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