The classification of a psychic

Jackie Tomlin

The inspiration for this article comes from one of my readers, Chelsea. With so many classifications and titles that the
psychic industry is using, things can become very confusing.

I want to start with the word “Counselor”. This can be looked at in a couple of different ways. An actual “Counselor”,
should carry the extensions for a psychologist. The word “counselor” in the psychic industry can mean nothing more,
than someone you spill your problems to.

The other two words that appear to be commonly used are “Spiritualist” and “Life Coach”. A spiritualist is someone
strong in his or her belief system. This seems to be common for those that work with spirit guides or claim to perform
angel readings. Although they can be ordained, this does not make them fall into the line of clergy in the psychic industry.

A life coach is pretty much the same as a counselor. This is someone who is there to listen to you and support you.
There are no special accreditations for this.

In the psychic industry there are several words that can describe ones gifts. For example, a Tarot Card Reader is not
necessarily a Psychic. This is someone who is gifted with working with the cards and their interpretation. The Tarot can
be learned by anyone.

An actual psychic is one that is clairvoyant. This means that they are clear seeing, and clear hearing (clairsentient), they
are able to see your future and what has occurred in your past.

The other two words that you will find in this industry are “Intuitive” or an “Empath”. An intuitive is someone who
follows their gut feeling, where an empath is one that picks up on other’s emotions. Are these psychic abilities? Like
most psychic abilities they can be strengthened with practice.

A “Medium” is one who communicates with the other side. I might want to add here that not all psychics are mediums.
“Animal Cognition” is simply one that communicates with animals.

I personally am in complete disagreement of all the certificates that are available online today. You can receive a
certificate on almost any of these given words by paying to take a class.

I work as a Psychic. ( My readings are clairvoyant and I use the Tarot upon request. Live
readings I prefer to use the Tarot to give you a “visual” of what I am referring to. Upcoming I will be offering a Tarot
Card Workshop at the local level and for distance learning. As I stated, the Tarot can be learned by anyone…Who am
I to give you a certificate in the Tarot?

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