A constant call for clergy

By Jackie Tomlin

Being the founder of CVAPI (Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations), there is one thing that I have found
that we, and several other paranormal teams are running short on. We need clergy to assist families that are in

In researching this, I have found that this is not just a problem for this area or the state of Virginia for that matter.
This is a problem nationwide. Negative haunts are rare, but they do happen.

Negative haunts can be were someone has drawn something to them, sometimes unexpectedly. The cases that
are upsetting are when an innocent family has moved into a place, in which there was something negative already
there. This also appears to be a problem with the disabled and the terminally ill. Are they targets?

Paranormal teams across the board should turn to clergy in these cases. Sometimes the family may just need
some counseling by a clergyman. Others are seeking house blessings. So why are we having problems recruiting
clergy to assist these families?

There are a lot of cases out there that involve Christians. They may not attend church on a regular basis, but they
are of the Christian faith. As Christians, one would think that they would be there to help one another.
Unfortunately this does not appear to be the case.

Recently CVAPI has been forced to turn to clergy out of state. I find this to be a shame when we know that
there are people right here in the area that could help these families.

The end result is that we are seeing a lot of ordained ministers starting to surface. The problem with this is that
anyone can become ordained on the Internet. This does not make them actual clergymen. Equally disturbing are
the ones that obtain certificates off the Internet as a demonologist.

If you are a clergymen and willing to assist, please do not feel embarrassed to come forward. CVAPI runs a
constant call for clergy on their website at
www.cvapi.com, as well as several other paranormal teams. It would
be our goal to have someone in all denominations to assist these families.

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