Valentine’s Day is approaching this week on Friday February 14th.   Jackie will be offering psychic
readings for couples this Saturday February 15th.  This will take place at the Econo Lodge in Chester,
Virginia located at 2310 Indian Hill Road, in the conference room.  Psychic readings will begin at 3:30pm
and are $75 per couple.  These are done by appointments so please contact Jackie through her website
for availability.

From Jackie Tomlin, “The number one category on psychic readings is love and relationships.”  “This is
the only time of the year that I offer readings to couples.”  “Some choose to go together, while others
would like to go separate.”  “I leave that decision to those attending.”

Appointments will keep everyone from having to wait.  You don’t have to be a “Couple” in order to get a
psychic reading.  Just make sure you contact Jackie for an appointment so that she can get you in.

The entire month of February seems to be geared around “Love” due to Valentine’s Day.  If you are
unable to make it this Saturday you may also visit Jackie next Tuesday at the Aqua Lounge in Downtown
Richmond.  Located at 1708 East Main Street, beginning at 7pm.  Psychic readings there are on a “First
come, first serve basis”.

From Jackie Tomlin, “Psychic readings are meant to be uplifting and insightful.”  “When you have more
than one for a psychic reading they tend to be a lot of fun.”  “I also want everyone know that it is okay just
to bring a friend.”

Are your zodiac signs compatible?  You can find the traits and compatibility of the zodiac on Jackie’s
website.  Don’t forget to schedule your appointment.   The “Contact” goes directly to her.

For psychic readings, upcoming events, horoscopes, or concerns on the paranormal, please visit Jackie’s
Psychic readings for couples, this Saturday
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