Local fun you may be missing

Jackie Tomlin

Over the weekend I took my Meetup group Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research (
meetup.com/paranormalcvapi) on a return trip to Hollywood Cemetery.  

On a 70-degree day, the weather could not have been any better.  Hollywood covers 135 acres and we did not get
to walk it all.  The trip was for the history of the cemetery and the local folklore, as well as the ghost stories that have
been circulating around for years.

This was a great opportunity for all who came, to try their hands-on experience with capturing their own EVP’s
(Electronic Voice Phenomenon) in broad daylight.  And yes, that was accomplished with complete success! (You
may view the video of our day at

We are currently a group of over 200 members, with a turn out of between 12 to 25 for our meetings and gatherings.  
Our meetings are split down the middle between Psychic Development & Paranormal Research.   Members volunteer
to pay $1 a year, to keep our Meetup website going.  The website itself is great.  It offers a discussion forum, as well
as a place to upload files and photos.

The group accepts anyone from the local Richmond Tri Cities area.  All of my members from Central Virginia
Paranormal Investigations are members of this Meetup group; in fact it is where I met most of them.

On the paranormal side of things, we hold meetings of group discussions, ghost stories and share experiences.  I also
try to get everyone out for hands-on investigation as often as possible.

In the area of psychic development, we cover a large variety of topics.  It can range from experiences, developing
your own abilities, to working with the Tarot.

Upcoming for 2010, we will plan more outings for investigations, ghost hunting 101, dowsing with dowsing rods and
pendulums, the Tarot and Reiki, to name a few.  If it is a regular meeting that we are holding, they generally occur in
Richmond’s Southside in Chester, VA.  Investigations could be just about anywhere, including Virginia Beach.

The group is a fun thing to do with local like-minded people and not intended to make money.  Meetings are free of
charge and if we go somewhere we go on a group rate, where everyone pays the same price.  In addition, there is a
“privacy setting” so the general public at large cannot see who the members are.

I hope you will take the time to join us to share your thoughts, experiences and opinions!

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