Something for Mom

Jackie Tomlin

Looking for something different for Mother’s Day?  Try the gift of a psychic reading!  For today only, (until midnight
tonight), I am running a standard $10 off on a 15 minute reading.

For those that have never had a psychic reading this can be very exciting!  It is your reading so therefore you can ask
anything you would like.  If today, is not enough time (I know some of you have a busy day lined up) please feel free to
email me for a gift certificate, locking in the same price.

A psychic reading should be pleasurable and insightful experience, and fun, nothing that would put fear in you.  Questions
that are generally asked are regarding love and relationships, career and finances, to general life questions.

I am in the local area, but very seldom do I perform local readings.  The discount is applied to the main line and other
arrangements can be made if need be.  I also offer readings by email and chat as well.  You will find me on my website at

Even though I am promoting this as a Mother’s Day Special, please do not feel that you have to be a mom to call!  The
special is just a gift idea for all of the Mom’s out there.

The purpose of a psychic reading is to find out what is to come.  What you can expect and what you should anticipate.  If
time permits I always like to end a reading with taking a look at what you “need” to know.  This may be entirely different
from what you are asking.

Also remember that today is all about Mother’s.  Take them to dinner, let them kick back and relax!  Above all, take the
time out of your day to let them know your thinking about them.

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