Are your psychic phone calls being recorded?

Jackie Tomlin

In all my years of working as an online psychic, this is something I NEVER thought I would run into. I
recently left a psychic service for this very reason.

The laws on recording phone calls vary from state to state. They are different for corporations as well as the
entertainment industry. HOWEVER, it is my personal opinion that it is just WRONG!

A psychic reading is very personable and geared towards you and your concerns. If the service is using this
for "Training Purposes" then you are obviously trying to train someone who is not a psychic. If they are using
this for "Quality Assurance" than you don't trust your psychic and they should be replaced. Otherwise, it is
my personal opinion that it is an evasion of privacy and should be enclosed in the privacy act.

As a psychic working for these services, we the psychics are NOT allowed to tell the client that they are
being recorded. However, YOU the client, may ASK your psychic if you are being recorded.

As a psychic, I have had clients ask if they can record the reading, either by phone or a live reading. I am fine
with this as it makes a good point of reference. In addition, I always recommend that you take notes.

I do not support psychic services recording your calls at all!
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